Thursday, April 23, 2009

Role play and creative talk

This morning we were working hard. Why? because we have to do role play and creative talk in Speech Communication class which has teach by Puan Syarifah. It will be carried 40% mark. Sukimin won the "bestest" creative talk. I think Razak (English teacher) is the best in role play (because our lecturer want him to do role play for the second time with Liza next week). Next week we have to do individual presentation. Tell about anything except My Self (very common and that topic is very popular among year one students. so, don't talk about your self.very boring..)

Puan Syarifah said, "today is a happiest day because today is payday. Other days are mayday". Me too.

Sorry if my grammar is out. My Singh friend said, if you want to practice speaking in English, don't bother about grammar. If you think, you won't speak. So, hentam saja la. (after we feel more confident, slowly we improve a grammar)- puluh2 tahun belajar English, tak reti-reti grammar ni. Hai..susah susah.

My suggestion is, everybody should writes and posts something to this blog in English. Those who good in English in our class can make a correction. I'm sure we can improve our conversation and writing in English in a short time. Ok?

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