Friday, April 24, 2009

Sport Carnival

The carnival was succesfully organised at Pendeta Zaaba College, UKM (PZC) and Bangi Superbowl, Warta (BSW). 2 events, People Sport (sukan rakyat) and volleyball were held at PZC in the morning while bowling tournament and closing ceremony were held at BSW after Friday prayer.
5 teams took part which are Lecturer team, DPLI team, Team A (Ismail), Team B (Kamarudin) and Team C (Kashfi). Since Team A was the organiser of the People Sport, only 4 teams participated in this game and the winner was lecturer team.

Then it came the volleyball competition and the winner was Team C (my team ler). We had a short break for Friday prayer.

We gather back at Warta for the bowling tournement. This was an individual game and open only for lecturer and all the PKPGB students. En. Taib and Dr. Norlena were the winner for men and women category.

  1. En. Taib Harun
  2. Dr. Tajul
  3. Kashfi
  4. Kannan
  5. Sukimin


  1. Dr. Norlena
  2. Pn. Meenahai

The closing ceremony was done by Dr. Tajul.

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